Pentecost: The New Beginning For This Blog

Yes, my friends, I am back!   After the first year working in campus ministry, I am finally getting time to do the stuff I was doing before.   I am glad to be back.

This weekend the universal Church celebrated the beautiful occasion of Pentecost, the birthday of the Church and a new beginning for the disciples.  The descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples two thousand years ago and to this day still exercises the awesome movement of the Catholic faith with wonder and awe.  I was captured this weekend by the Gospel which directs the disciples to no longer just sit in the Upper Room, but to do something.  Freeing themselves from the locked space and to go out and direct others to the invitation of God, to have us love Him in return.

I spoke this past Sunday at my two Masses of a struggle that all of us feel from time to time. That of staying right where we are and not moving.  Like the disciples we sometimes want to lock ourselves away from the matters of the day which facing reality.  It makes us comfortable, safe.  But with no movement, there is no growth.

Several years ago when I was assigned in high school ministry, I was filling in for a priest who had injured his back.  Whenever I go out to celebrate a Mass in unfamiliar territory, I usually arrive early and scope out where the tools of the trade are located and what physical barriers might be present in the Sanctuary.  After doing so I take some time to pray before the Blessed Sacrament so that I do not make a fool of myself.  After seeveral minutes of being there in the Church all alone, the door opened and I heard footsteps coming up the side aisle to the pew where I was sitting.  Then they stopped...I waited for the person to say something, but nothing.  Then, I opened my eyes and look at the woman standing there looking at me.  I asked, "Can I help you?"  In what was the most serious response, she said, "You're sitting in my pew."

As the woman did not want to change her view, so we have to be conscious of the times we do not want to move out of the box.   We have the main ingredient necessary to do so, the Holy Spirit.  But first we must acknowledge His presence in our midst and in our being.