Small Church?

For years, some of us in the Catholic Church have said that in order to have any future as a community of faith we must and will become a smaller body. Even Pope Benedict has hinted that the future truly depends on people allowing themselves to not only hear the Truth, but listen to it.

Benedict is willing to say what he thinks are hard truths, or unpopular truths. The question still remains whether those hard truths - on sexuality, on the proper celebration of Mass, on proper manner and disposition for receiving Holy Communion - will scare off Catholics who disagree.

From the early days in the Church, sects and schisms, and later with the Reformation, plagued and challenged the Church. In modern times, it has been torn by scores of local interests, sex scandals, and dissent on contraception and the role of women in the church. Over and over again, Pope Benedict mentions that the church continues to be bombarded by a secular culture that he believes offers no fixed values.

At times, or should I say many times, I have met the challenge of the lack of receptivity on the Church's Magisterium. The future suggests that this will undoubtedly increase unless we as members of the Body of Christ put aside our selfish interests and replace them with faithful discipleship.