Location, Location, Location

Who do we Love?
Who do we Honor?
Who do we Respect?
Who do we Support?

When we go to the Theater, a Concert, Sporting even, or Lecture - we strive to get the Closest and Best seats. We want to be close to the action or speaker as possible - so we can see and appreciate the entire event.

When we go to church to celebrate the Eucharist
- to hear the Word of God
- to Listen to our Priest explain the Words of Scripture we just heard
- to see the Miracle of the Transubstantiation
....Where do we sit?

Do we Honor our Priest and our God
- by sitting as far back as we can,
or mingle in with the crowd that came in before us
- or do we strive to get the Closest and Best seat
to show our presence and attention
- our Love
- our Honor
- our Respect,
- and support of our Priest
- And Jesus whom he represents?

Michael Demyan
President of Serra Club
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania