I'm hooked! Occasionally, the television executives bring to the tube a series that captures my attention so much that I cannot wait until the next episode. Such is the case with Lie to Me on FOX. This compelling drama was inspired by the scientific discoveries of a real-life psychologist who can read clues embedded in the human face, body and voice to expose the truth and lies in criminal investigations.

Dr. Cal Lightman, played by Tim Roth is the world's leading deception expert. Lies do not make it past the good doctor. He'll see it in your face and your posture, or hear it in your voice. If you shrug your shoulder, rotate your hand, or even just slightly raise your lower lip, Lightman will spot the lie.

Here is a show that makes one think if it is better to always tell the truth, rather that deal with the repercussions of falsehoods. To watch the good doctor and his team at work, should give everyone pause. We might try to lie to others, but the real trouble comes when we try to lie to ourselves. Of course, we cannot ever lie to God.


Location, Location, Location

Who do we Love?
Who do we Honor?
Who do we Respect?
Who do we Support?

When we go to the Theater, a Concert, Sporting even, or Lecture - we strive to get the Closest and Best seats. We want to be close to the action or speaker as possible - so we can see and appreciate the entire event.

When we go to church to celebrate the Eucharist
- to hear the Word of God
- to Listen to our Priest explain the Words of Scripture we just heard
- to see the Miracle of the Transubstantiation
....Where do we sit?

Do we Honor our Priest and our God
- by sitting as far back as we can,
or mingle in with the crowd that came in before us
- or do we strive to get the Closest and Best seat
to show our presence and attention
- our Love
- our Honor
- our Respect,
- and support of our Priest
- And Jesus whom he represents?

Michael Demyan
President of Serra Club
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


Congratulations, Father Brian!

On Saturday, June 5, 2010, His Excellency John O. Barres, Bishop of Allentown ordained Reverend Brian Miller. Father Miller is assigned as Parochial Vicar of the Cathedral of Saint Catharine of Siena in Allentown.
"Ad multos annos!"