Anti-Catholic Sentiment Again in "2012"?

The movie trailer for 2012 can be veiwed by some as another anti-Catholic statement by the secular movie-town elite. Case in point:

At the 20 second mark we've got the arms of the Jesus the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janiero falling off and then the whole thing falling over completely.

34 seconds in you see like fifty thousand people with candles standing in St. Peter's Square looking up at the Pope who's looking down at them.

36 seconds in you've got a crowd of people all making the sign of the cross.

50 seconds there's an image of St. Peter's Basilica toppling.

52 seconds
cut to Cardinals inside praying only to look up at the art on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to see it breaking apart and presumably crushing them.

54 seconds
those people who were praying with candles outside are now screaming and running. Why? Because the dome of St. Peter's is crashing down on top of them and then rolling over them crushing a few thousand people as it rolls essentially on top of the camera blacking everything out.

Doesn't the Catholic Church do anything good? What about the aid it gives to the world's crisis situations, the largest charitable health care provider, etc. Some day the voice of the Church needs to be heard.