Benedict On Eloi's Voice

Rembrandt Van Rijn - Philosopher in Meditation

"People need to carve time out of their busy day to dedicate to silent prayer or meditation in order to hear what God has to say," said Pope Benedict XVI in this week's audience address. We allow ourselves to become completely caught up in their daily activities and concerns, forgetting that Jesus should be the focus of their lives. It is important to learn how to achieve an inner silence in order to listen to God's voice, he said.

The faithful must take time out of their day to seek out a quiet place, "a sort of sitting parlor, where God can speak to us," he said. One can learn God's word and the right path to take in life through quiet prayer and meditation, he said. All Christians, not just contemplative religious, must cultivate this intimate union with Christ, Pope Benedict said.

"We shouldn't let ourselves be completely absorbed by our daily activities, problems and worries, forgetting that Jesus must truly be at the center of our lives," he said.