What Is Truth?

Nikolai Ge (1890)
The other day I was in a lively discussion with someone who told me that I "do not hold back anything" when it comes to the truth. It amazes me how often people want to "know" the truth, but they do not want to "hear" the truth. I think that this is really based on society's pressure upon us to conform to the understanding of political correctness.

Pontius Pilate asked the question of Jesus as we see above, "What is Truth?". The definition of "truth" is the conformity to fact or actuality. And yet there is no single definition on which all scholars or philosophers agree and there is great debate as to whether truth is absolute or relative or objective or subjective. And of course, truth can be sought after in many areas of life.

Jesus told His disciples that He was "the Way, the Truth and the Life". Not only was He the Truth, but He spoke the Truth. As a minister of the Word, I am often perplexed by the people in the pew and their understanding of what Jesus says. Maybe it is the lack of the minister to preach the challenging message of the Gospel. Maybe it is our "couldn't care less attitude" to make it part of our life. Maybe it is the fact that we have allowed the society to instill in us the lack of love for our neighbors because of our unwillingness to be hurt in the relationship.

The truth needs to be expressed now more than the ever before. Of course, it must be tempered with love and care as Jesus Himself did. If we are genuine with ourselves then we will do what God commands of us and hear the direction He gives us to do better each day, for Him.