A Prayer To The Mother Of God

You saw the windstorm flames descend,
Fishermen moving inland to mend
The hopes of men with heaven to hear
Now we embark on ground swells to fear;
We sail to water's end:
O Star of the Sea, be near,
Shining guardian, guiding friend.

Lead us by fire through trackless night;
Release our eyes from shadowed sight:
Maid, who can make --- from little --- all
And fructify the barren fall
With prayer from heaven's height,
To you in hope we call,
O Mother of the Lord of light.

Treasure room, where the Spirit King
Has hid a brilliant, priceless thing;
Celestial mine, producing gold
That gives true value to the mold
Of time: Sweet Mary, sing,
And let God's poor be told
Of aid good men and angels bring.

Your spark of pulsing glory grew
To warm this wintry world anew;
You set the Morning Star in place
From out of Jacob's darkened race
And pondered visions through
The light on Moses' face:
O Maid of grace, we look to you.

Through your transparency we gaze.
In awe at clouded heights, ablaze
With conversing splendor yet serene
In majesty; your glass is clean;
No interposing haze
But ours obscures the scene:
O loyal Queen, we join your praise.

For you are now what we would be,
Eternal flesh by heaven's degree;
Whose earthly mien, so chaste and fair,
Still trembles on the Maytime air:
O Virgin, lead us free
From sin and hell's despair;
In lands of unlikeness let us see.

Show us the Child of dawn, we pray,
As Simeon saw your piercing day
And hailed the life-restoring sun;
And if some healing work begun
Too late should meet delay,
O Mother, let it run
On feet of resurrected clay.

Surely your Son will not deny
The prayer you offer with our cry
Of need, whose blood in oneness beat
From Nazareth to the doleful street
That led to a sunless sky:
God's refuge and retreat,
Be with us now and when we die.

Abyss of love, conceiving night,
Where none can fathom depth or height:
Exalted lowliness, the bride
Of Him who rules the timeless tide
Of seas beyond our sight:
O Virgin, be our guide
Till we have reached the lands of light.

From One Shepherd, One Flock by Oliver Barres