Year For Priests

This year is the 150th anniversary of Saint John Vianney's death in 1859 and Pope Benedict is using this occasion to declare a Year dedicated to the mission of the priest. In the past several years the priesthood has taken a beating. The scandalous behavior of some of my fellow ministers of altar have disgraced us and the Church as a whole.

Yet, there are good and faithful priests in the world. Imperfect, as we are, the challenge to be a model in today's world sometimes cannot be met without great struggle and pain. Perhaps that is why the Holy Father has chosen to support the priests in this way.

Our Lady, Mother of Sorrows
pray for Priests,
your special sons.
Strengthen their faith and love of Jesus
in the Most Blessed Sacrament,
so that they may turn to Him
for the grace they need to live
a life faithful to their calling.
Bring comfort,
consolation and courage
to those who are suffering
under the weight of the Cross.
Give them the love of your Son
and zeal for the honor and glory of God,
and the salvation of souls. Amen.