I arrived at my new assignment yesterday with my belongings. The only hitch is that they are painting my rooms (which I appreciate), so I am unable to really get down to work and start to make the place a home. Most of my stuff is still in the garage waiting for me to put my decorating talents to use. Every time I go through the process of moving, I promise myself that I will have less to bring with me the next time. I honestly have good intentions, but it never quite works out that way.

It is with this in mind that I harken back to a post I made some time ago regarding the storing up of things in barns and silos for those rainy days that never actually come. If they do, the items are either useless or out of date anyway. But, as a former elementary school teacher, I have found that you might/could possibly one day "need" a particular thing for a lesson or nostalgia purposes. Here lies the dilemma.

That does not help when one continues to store up without ever letting go of the past, even the smallest thing. Naturally, some things need to be eliminated. That brings me to the post for today. Here we are in the season of Lent, it is a perfect time to let go of the useless, damaging and trapping life of the past. It is time to let go of sin. And, of course, there is really only one way to do that which is through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It is time to allow Our Lord to unpack His Grace upon us, so that we are not storing up the sins of the past. He invites us -- shouldn't we accept this Lent?