Not Just Cosmetic Changes Are Needed

These past two days have been full of the "lipstick" debate. Did he intend to say what he said? Did he mean what he said? Frankly, I do not think that he did. I think he was trying to get the audience's attention, as any good speaker tries to do. This blog entry will not be political, but rather ethical.

I do believe that Senator Obama realized that he struck a funny with the crowd when they made the connection to the Governor Palin's "lipstick" comment. It was at that time that I believe that his pride and saving face took control and he continued with the speech. When he realized his goof, he should have returned to the subject and said that was not what he wanted to infer. Instead, he ignored the issue and now it will not go away.

As an impromptu public speaker, who is not tied to notes, I sometimes say something that I didn't think about before the words passed my lips. Most times they are good, sometimes they are bad. Even though I whisper a prayer so that my words will come out prudently, other meanings can be conveyed. But, as a disciple of Jesus, one has the duty to take responsibility for his/her actions and words. When one refuses to correct their mistakes if they can, then their integrity has to be questioned.