Ode To A Priest

While cleaning out my new residence, I found a clipping with the following article written by Mrs. M Hotz from an unknown vocation publication dated April 28, 1968.

He alone, of all God's creatures, must walk alone. Never to know the joy of sharing the days accomplishments or frustrations with a loved one. To counsel and guide the young ones, but never to hold within his own loving hands, the small trusting hands of his own creation. Within his heart must burn the fire of Love. Love for his people, but from whom he must stay apart. Understanding, pity and guidance for their daily joys and troubles, and still no one to care for his. Love for the beauty of a summer night, winter's snow, or a pounding surf along a golden shore, but no one to express it to.

Yes, he walks alone, this Priest of ours. Cassock blowing in the wind, soul reaching for God. For as alone as he may seem, deep within him is the knowledge that he is not really alone. God is there with him always. Understanding his momentary feeling of loneliness. Walking with him on a summer night or along a golden shore. Guiding him as he guides his people. Filling him with the pure joy and contentment of communion with God and the knowledge that he is never really alone, this Priest of ours.