Oh No, Not Again!!

Thirteen times in sixteen years... I think I have it down to a science by now. Should I call the process "MOVEOLOGY"? In the past I have stated that perhaps they should give me stock in U-Haul since I keep them in business.

Seriously though, these moves really call me to re-examine what I possess in this life and what really means something. People are truly generous to me. I thank God for them. Unfortunately, I can easily fall victim to materialism and I am fully aware of that while in this process.

This past week I started getting rid of those things that I haven't used for sometime. Boy, what a weight off my shoulders! ( Not to mention off the U-Haul.) I must say have been good at giving things away to others and to the impending Garage Sale this weekend at Saint Ann. What I have left seems to be dramatically reduced from what I started with when I came here.

However, I cannot fool myself into believing that I will not suffer from the same ailment in the future. Building those silos and barns to house our belongings only traps us from the real important things in life. (Check out Barn-Building.)

I ask for your prayers so that I can be judicious with my duties of what to keep and what to rid myself of in the coming days.