Making An ASH Out Of Oneself

Yes, that is what we do. Almost everyday we rise from our beds, we begin a new day filled with choices. Good and bad choices. Of course bad choices lend themselves to sin. On this day, perhaps more than any other day of the year (except Good Friday) we should be conscious of our sinfulness and in a particular way admit it by displaying the ashes in the form of the cross on our foreheads. In short we let the world know we are rooted in SIN and desire to move in a different direction.

Ash Wednesday is the day that we NAME our sins, CLAIM them as belonging to us so that we can TAME them. NAME, CLAIM, TAME. For some 1100 years Christians have been celebrating this day. In modern times we no longer run around wearing itchy sack cloth, but this one day of the year, when we smudge our faces with palm residue, we put the other 364 (or 365 for leap year) days into perceptive.

May your Lent be truly a time to rediscover, renew and recharge your life in and with the Lord.