Letting Go Of A Grudge -- Impossible You Say?!

"So I tell you to ask for things in prayer. And if you believe that you have received those things, then they will be yours. When you are praying, and you remember that you are angry with another person about something, then forgive that person. Forgive them so that your Father in heaven will also forgive your sins." Mark 11:24-26

Holding a grudge is like having an open wound that does not heal. You feel hurt by someone who has done you wrong. Instead of getting over it, you are reliving painful memories and opening up the wound. You keep the feeling of hurt alive.

Holding a grudge is a self-destructive behavior. The only one who gets punished by it is yourself, not the person who has caused you the pain. Not only do you feel emotionally hurt, but if you do not deal with your grudge, you can also get physical problems. Stress levels can go up, your muscles can get tensed, your blood pressure may rise, your energy levels become low, etc.

The first step of every problem is recognizing that we have a problem. We have to recognize the fact that we hold a grudge and that we are the only ones getting punished by it. When you are ready to admit that this is indeed a problem you are ready to deal with it.

Stop opening up that wound! Get control over your thoughts. Your thoughts have an enormous power and help create your future reality. So get rid of your self-destructing thoughts and focus on the positive things in your life. Use positive affirmations and say that you are willing to let go. Prayer makes all things possible.