The Real Meaning Of Thanksgiving

Once again we have a national holiday based on a religious occasion. And once again, we have people who are all too ready to reap the reward of a vacation day (long weekend) based on religion. Yet, many of those do not even acknowledge the One who has blessed them with so much., cherish these days of rest and relaxation.
In a recent discussion this very topic came up. In a world where believers have to weigh what they say and do at every turn out of "secular-correctness", why is it that the non-practicing contingent still takes the priviledge of such holidays? For example, why does the atheist or agnostic not demand that on such holidays they want to work. Yes, I know, who wants to work when there is an option to do otherwise.
The politically correct world forces us to remove all references to God out of the public arena, but no one seems to challenge the holidays based on Him. Fools! Celebrate God's blessings in your life, not just today, but everyday. Happy Thanksgiving!