Patience Is A Virtue...I Think

"There is no way that you can make everyone happy." This statement has been said to me many times since my new assignment in McAdoo, however I have come to believe that perhaps communal happiness is more probable when patience is part of the process.

Since my arrival, I have tried to maintain a wait and see approach to my decision-making skills. So far, so good. I recently read an article which said that strong leadership in any organization requires many virtues, but one characteristic of effective leaders that you don’t often hear about is patience. Leaders require patience because they deal with people, not machines. People have many quirks and are reluctant to change. It takes patience to effectively work with people and accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives. Although there are appropriate times to be impatient and push an agenda, the astute leader knows that patience is very often his or her secret weapon in getting things done.

In thinking about patience, it is apparent that there are many layers to this virtue, but I have long said that the best way to attain this quality is to make time in one's schedule for meditation. Our hectic and activity-filled days must include time for prayer and silence. This is the way that we come to listen to God and feel less pressured. As a recovering perfectionist, I have found that the more time I devote to prayer and meditation, God rewards me with more patience.