"What Will Separate Us From The Love Of Christ?"

This coming Sunday, the second reading taken from Paul's letter to the Romans, asks this question. The short answer is NOTHING!

Looking at the lives of the saints indicates that we cannot be stagnate in our life of grace. Passivity cannot rule our lives. The disciples came to the Lord when the multitude was there listening to Him and they ask how Jesus intended to satisfy their hunger. Jesus simply says that they should feed the throng themselves. Taken off guard, the disciples then scrounge for what little they have, and once Jesus blesses the bread and fish the mass is not only satisfied, but full.

The Father wishes us to be completely full -- not just physically, but spiritually. Change is an inevitable part of every life. The disciples wanted desperately to be followers and Jesus demanded them to be leaders. Of course, He gave the people their fill, but it was the disciples that had to gather the materials needed to make it happen.

Each day we are called to gather necessary ingredients for His Kingdom. We are called to lead, confident that the love of Christ is not separated from us. Not today, not ever! Christ's love for us does not end.