In Support Of Our Priests

Taken from the Pottsville Republican Herald 7/3/08

To the Editor:
The priests of our diocese who are affected by the recent announcement of parish closings have an enormous task ahead of them. As they work through the many pastoral and administrative tasks associated with closing a parish and moving on to a new one, these same priests continue to minister to their flocks and avail themselves to serve our needs. The parish closings seem to uncovered much of human nature that is uncomplimentary to those who view themselves as Christian, yet alone Catholic.

The reaction of some is like a living tabloid full of rumor, mistruths and supposition. The members of our clergy are good and decent men who are being asked to carry out an extraordinary task while, at the same time, expected to bring us together in faith during this difficult time. I think they deserve better treatment than they are getting from those who have chosen an opposing side.

Has ethnicity or a particular church building taken precedence over the fact that we are supposed to be one body in Christ? In the midst of the sadness, anger and turmoil surrounding the parish closings, our priests need to know they do not have to go it alone. They need our kindness and compassion, they deserve our respect and they should have our support.

I, for one, am going to do whatever I can to let them know they are appreciated and loved for who they are.

J. D.
As one who is in such a position, "Thanks, J.D."