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In Honor Of The Poor Innocent Souls.
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Called To Be A Saint

That's you! From the time of our baptism we are called to be saints. Challenging, though it might be, we are called to live lives free of sin and reflecting the Cardinal Virtues of Prudence, Temperance, Courage and Justice and the Theological Virtues of Love, Hope and Faith. Together these are known as the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

If you know anything about the saints that we have in the Catholic Church, one thing is certain. Many with the title were not free of the battle with sin. Often their early lives were filled with contrary actions to the life of a Christian. Look at Saint Paul, St. John of God and Saint Olga who by no means were born saints. Each had human frailties which got in the way of holiness. However, they overcame them and radically altered their life styles.

How did this happen? Well, frankly the answer is with the grace of the Holy Spirit. All too often, Catholics resign themselves to the inability to have a change of heart, mind and action. God's way penetrates our lives with challenge, causing us to choose between right and wrong, comfort and discomfort, ease and difficulty. Age has a tendency to allow the past life to stay set, intact and the person not move toward the life of the holy. Saints, conquered the way they were, take the leap and landed on their feet.

Today, we pray that we too are strong enough to take the leap with God in view. Happy feast day, all you saints in process.