A Would-Be Saint?

This past year the Diocese of Allentown sent documentation to the Vatican concerning the cause for sainthood of Father Walter Ciszek. Born in 1904 in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania this once ornery young kid and teen would have never been sus-pected of having a calling to serve the Catholic Church as a priest.

Once ordained in 1937, Father Ciszek pushed his superiors to send him to Russia, but worried about his safety they sent him to Rome to study. Volunteering to go to Poland, hopeful that would be his way into Russia, Father Ciszek was arrested as a Vatican spy, tortured and made to sign a confession of his conspiracy. In 1942, he was given 15 years of hard labor in a concentration camp. Freedom came in 1955, when he returned to the United States, residing at Fordam University.

During his later years, he wrote two books With God in Russia and He Leadeth Me. Crippled with arthritis and cardiac ailments, Father Ciszek fininshed his earthly days doing spiritual direction and entered eternal life in 1984.

Please pray the prayer for the Canonization of Father Walter Ciszek.

We adore You, Most Holy Trinity,
and we thank You
for the exemplary life of Your servant,
Father Walter Ciszek.
We pray that his strong faith
in Your loving providence,
his great love for You,
and his kindness to all people
will be recognized by the Church.
If it be Your Will, may he be given to us
as a saintly model of these virtues
so that we too may be better motivated
to dedicate our lives
to Your greater honor and glory.
We commend our petition
through the prayers of the holy Mother of God.
For to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
is due all glory, honor and worship,
now and forever.