Barn Building

This Sunday's Gospel reading includes the Parable of the Rich Fool. I guess that we often can admit to our foolish ways, but when it comes to our spending habits, we would rather just ignore them. How many times have you purchased something only to regret it within a couple of months, weeks or (dare I say) hours?
I know that each time I move from assignment to assignment, one can get the feeling that I have mastered the Miracle of Multiplication, not of Loaves and Fishes, but possessions. Of course, with each move I promise myself that I will do better, but.....
Jesus is asked a question regarding inheritance and then turns the matter to the wider problem of materialism. He suggests that the farmer in the parable is hoarding his property in barns and silos. Simply, he is selfish and should have shared his wealth with the poor. Accumulation can be a curse when one does not do what one is called to do. Here are some practical antidotes to hoarding:
  • If you didn't wear something in the last year, give it to charity.
  • Consider shared ownership with neighbors or within families. How many ladders does one house need?
  • Commit to purchase things on your "Need List", not the "Want List".
  • Look at how much you spend a year on clothing, eating out, entertainment, grooming, hobbies, pets, etc. Does it match up on your charitable giving?
  • Don't rent a storage unit. Oh, what a trap! If you can't fit it into your home, you probably don't use it or need it.

Check out how many days left until Christmas on the right. Remember it the "Season of Giving", NOT the "Season of Getting".