Me STRESSED? You Can't Be Serious!

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned.... and finally, I am getting stressed out a lot lately and I need some advice."
In light of the fast paced society that we live in these days, I thought I might present a post on stress and how to deal with it. Millions of people suffer the effects of stress in their daily routines and there doesn't seem to be any let up. If not treated professionally or with medicine the results on the person and the family can be grave. Learning to keep stress and the elements to stress in check are essential to a healthier you. Check out these helpful eight solutions to regulating stress:
  • Prayer. Try to come to the realization that it is better to "let go and let God."
  • Adequate Sleep. It has long been known that 8 - 10 hours a night is best.
  • Meditation. Start slow or you will give up too fast. Perhaps just a couple of minutes at first. Working toward a goal of 20 minutes will be great.
  • Exercise. Resistance Training and a moderate aertobic workout, such as walking or bicycling for thirty to forty minutes, three times a week, is also effective.
  • A Balanced Diet. A healthy diet containing B vitamins and magnesium helps to relieve chronic tension. B vitamins are essential for stress management.
  • Laughter. Go to a good comedy show or rent a wholesome video. As well as reducing stress, laughter has healing properties.
  • Attitude. When looking at a situation, break it down into manageable components. Instead of making sweeping negative statements, look at the situation realistically and create steps for resolving it.
  • Be social. Set up a network of friends and family who are listeners. When you feel stressed, call someone in your network to talk or set up a date to do something fun. Allow your friends to be supportive.

Try one or more of these solutions to reduce stress in your life. Any one of these will aid you in reducing stress levels. Then, "Go in peace and stress out no more."