Life, A Beautiful Gift!

Today, I was out and about with a friend and we passed a mother pushing a stroller. I have done this so often before in my life, but there was something different this time. It was like I was noticing something for the first time in my life. I couldn't help but focus on the child's tiny hands and fingers. As adults we go about our everyday existence and fail to recognize God's most precious gifts to us. Life -- has got to be the ultimate!

I thought that it might be a great time to consider this gift of life that so many people disregard. Since I was in college, I have been active in pro-life activities. I have attended national conventions in Miami and Omaha. I have been involved in parish Respect Life Committees. In one parish, I even initiated and organized a Respect Life Ad published yearly in the secular newspaper on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Janice, a wonderful parishioner at the parish where it all started, has enhanced it to include some 20 parishes and other organizations, with hundreds (if not, thousands) of names claiming their belief in God's gift of life. Truly awesome! I urge you to stand up and get involved in pro-life activities, whether in your parish or community.

Focus, if you will at the photo in this post. This is a CHILD at 16 weeks! How can one say a life is not present? To be Catholic is to be pro-life. If you are Catholic, you MUST be pro-life. Thanks Mother and Dad for having me. Congratulations to Cindy and Michael, who informed me today that they are expecting their first child. Congratulations to Elyse and Matthew who gave life to Sebastian Thomas born a month ago today and will welcome him into the family of the Lord on the first wedding anniversary of his parents in August!